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Rigoletto turn up.


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May 22, 2016
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Near Edinburgh. Scotland.
I was asked by the owner of this melodian to ‘have a look’, prior to them selling it on. As is so often the case the history is fascinating, not least because I hadn’t heard of the brand but also as the brand had been a significant one in post-war Germany.
The maker was J. Kostler and Co. The model is ‘Rigoletto Model 1247’ . It was built in the U.S. Zone of occupied Germany (probably in the late 40’s /early 50’s.)
It’s a fairly standard 21 button type tuned in A and D. It is 2-voice treble. The reeds are, I think, brass and all fitted to two reed plates, mouth organ fashion.
All reeds are present, the bellows are in good order and there are no major cosmetic faults. The cardboard box/loggo it was supplied in is available. I think the owner should put it on the market as a restoration project. The next question will be ‘how much’ I think?RigolettoFront.jpg

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