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REDUCED: Sandy Brechin’s Play Scottish Accordion Intermediate - DVD and tune booklet

Sandy Flett

Jun 21, 2015
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Farnham, Surrey
DVD of 6 intermediate-level lessons, with accompanying tune booklet.

Six entertaining lessons with Scottish accordion master Sandy Brechin. Discover the techniques which characterise Scottish accordion music as you play through a repertoire of Scottish folk tunes. The lessons are structured to help you learn at your own pace, and designed for students with moderate to advanced skills. Packed full of close-ups, tunes, master tips and techniques.

“In this DVD Scottish accordion wizard Sandy Brechin lets you into the secret of how to play Scottish music as it should be played. Using a colourful selection of bass patterns, Sandy manages to effectively show many different styles of rhythm. Some breathtaking finger dexterity on the right hand is broken down into simple steps so that all but the absolute beginner can learn to achieve this impressive style. If you’ve ever wondered how to play triplets like a machine gun, then let Sandy show you how. A must for any accordionist who is serious about learning the Scottish style” - Gary Blair, Accordions Worldwide.

£8.60 £5 + £1.40 postage [edit 11 Nov]


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