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Problem... Roland FR7 set button 'UP' not working



I've got one of the original series FR7s and for the second time since I've owned it the UP set button has stopped working. Has anyone else had this problem. The last time I had this happen Roland had to switch out the main board (covered under warranty luckily).

I'm a bit suspicious as both UP and DOWN set buttons were working fine until I charged the battery while the battery was still mounted internally in the accordion using the multi-pronged cable and selecting the charge button on the top of the foot controller box. The last time I had the UP fail I did the exact same thing.

I don't workout on the FR7 too often any more and I doubt if the accordion had more than a dozen hours on it since the work was done by Roland many years ago. I've swapped out batteries a few times but always charged them out of the accordion using the internal battery connector via the sliding door on the foot controller.

Any comments or similar experiences with charging causing board problems?


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Feb 16, 2016
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Best person to direct your query to on this board is Jim D. He has worked on the V-accordions since practically day 1 and if anyone knows, he would. However, I would hazard to say that I think you answered your own question, and that if you wanted this fixed, you would have to get that IC board replaced again and avoid recreating the circumstances that led to your having this issue a second time.

Good luck Murray and welcome to the forum!


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Apr 30, 2013
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Hi Minimurr;
And yes I've got your PM.
If you've been using the FR-7"s original foot pedal for charging the 24 volt batt. (whether in or out of the accordion itself) it should have nothing to to do with your problem.
If I had your box in the shop 1st - I would first do a factory reset on the accordion itself. (A factory reset is explained in the manual) If the reset cures the problem - well your all set. 2nd - if not I would remove the grill and check to see if the contact's of the "up" button needs cleaning where it contacts the motherboard.
Try a factory reset and get back to me.


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