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Playing classical/jazz on musette tuned accordions


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Mar 22, 2017
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I am fairly new on here and trying to understand the difference between straight tuning and musette tuning. I think I am getting there. However, I have seen it said that with a musette tuned accordion such as LMMM it does not make sense to play classical accordion and jazz accordion because of the variation in tuning across the middle reeds which may be set at say -15 cents, zero, +15 cents for example.
However, surely as long as a registration is chosen that does not include 2 or more middle reeds the sound would be just as any dry tuned accordion? That leaves a large choice on a typical accordion with say 11 treble registrations, even though some of these may be duplicated leaving say 8 different ones.
Am I missing something here? Why cannot classical/jazz be played on a musette accordion using straight tuned only registrations?


By the way I have Accordiola Jazzmaster which is five reed LMMMM instrument and has LM in casotto. It is quite unique instrument, because it is suitable for both jazz and musette. Extra M reed in casotto is for dry MM register, so dry tuned and wet tuned registers share only 0 cent reed. I uploaded cople videos to Youtube today where I play with dry tuned MM and triple MMM registers - http://www.accordionists.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4708

Typical musette accordions with LMMM reeds dont have dry tuned MM register if triple musette is wet. L reed can be used on any accordion what has it to play jazz.

There is little different story with classical music where many different reed combinations are used and H reed is prefered because it can be used for organ like sound.


I'm fairly new here too. What you've seen written generally holds true - jazz and classical accordion is usually played dry. Classical music will often use a Piccolo (H) reed also. My LMMM has a dry LM register, and of course L on its own is fine for jazz too. So you're right - if you don't want or need a piccolo reed and there's dry registers there's nothing stopping you from enjoying a LMMM accordion. Although, at most you're using two reeds on the treble side and a H reed added can really help the notes carry. I was tempted by a LMMMH recently but settled on LMMM.

Nuuksu, that Jazzmaster sounds nice.

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