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Panitalia Lightweight


Aug 24, 2021
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South Carolina, USA
So I realize, perhaps some 50+ years after encountering Batter Up in PH, circa 1967, that my accordion teacher was wrong. Of course he was right, I'd need more than my loaner 12 bass, and he'd be happy to sell me, or actually my father a Giulietti mf32. And then, when I got bigger, I'd buy a full size accordion, preferably from him.

Teacher didn't know that I'd never grow taller than 5'9", that as a high school senior I'd weigh about 130 lbs. I learned picking up the accordion again circa 1987, that my accordion was sometimes called a ladies model. Perhaps, homophobia, or merely coming from a blue collar family , I bought a seriously heavy Dallape tone chamber from NYC' s Accordion-o-Rama. Couple years later sold and bought a somewhat lighter Panjet 45 from Petosa.

Over the resulting 20 years, I've bought and sold smaller accordions. Never should have gotten rid of the Giulietti 48 bass from House of Musical Traditions. No longer own a Titano Palmer-Hughes converter. Liked the looks and size of the Tiger, though never dug the quint tuning. The Roland 2 was sold toward a Roland 3S, through Liberty Belows, but it's spent more time in the closet than being played.

Bought my first new acoustic accordion, a Giulieti m52 from Music Magic a couple years back. Hey, this is a little smaller than than the box I played at age 13!

Found a Panitalia Lightweight from Button Box around 2013. Dug the size and weight... about 16 pounds, full size keys, 37/96. Considered trading it in, sounds not as good as some of the other boxes I've owned. But so playable. Serial number 00043!

Somebody else must own this accordion. Even found a review dated 2020 from Ventura. But Mr Google and the Internet are keeping pretty mum about this accordion.

Does anyone else own a Panitalia Lightweight?? What do you think?! I traded tone for size; heck ,--- just as I'm never gonna play like a professional, I guess I'll never outgrow a ladies model.
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