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Online pdf book: the history of the Russian bayan school


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You may have read in the worldwide accordion weekly news about a recent publication: the history of the Russian bayan school and some prominent representatives:

Outstanding Alexander Tolmachev Authors New Book in Russian/English - Russia
by Alexander Selivanov

Thanks to the greatly appreciated generosity of the author, Alexander Tolmachev, you can download this new book FREE, 316 pages of pictures and text, (298 MB) at: RussianBayanByTolmachev.pdf
The accordion world sincerely thanks the venerated Alexander Tolmachev for this important gift to the history of our beloved instrument.

Yes indeed, thanks to Alexander Tolmachev we have a new document about the history of the Russian bayanist school.
I only discovered this document today on the weekly news site, and it will take me a few weeks to read this.
I had a quick look and saw already lots of photo material. The good news: Russian texts are translated into English.

An interesting 316 pages online document for anyone interested in classical accordion, CBA, or the history of accordion education and didactics.


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Oct 1, 2014
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The texts being translated in English make this a great opportunity for us to learn something more on the development of 20th century Russian accordion education and concert life.

This is not really a scientific thesis, but a very important source from some key role players of the soviet accordion scene.

This document is only one of the many articles and books on Russian accordion history. So this is the personal opinion of the author and a few key players. But they were leading figures in the classical accordion scene.

The reader will be wise to filter out the accordion facts from the soviet memorabilia.
This book certainly is worth studying.
My thanks to the author for his work on this book.

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