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Old reeds, new accordion?


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Oct 22, 2013
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From Everything I’ve read and seen, it seems that older well made reeds sound better than newer ones. Better response and tone have all been praised in these older a mano reeds. (Of course wood types and age in older accordions play a role too). I think if we had the choice of a reed set from an old classic Scandalli super 6 or a new hand made set we’d go with the Scandalli?
So has anyone ever put a whole set of them in a new accordion? (For example People seem to like the reeds in cordovox supers because of their quality. Or of course the famous classic binci, Catraro, magnaterra, etc)

Just curious, has crossed my mind many times


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Jul 16, 2014
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Eindhoven, the Nnetherlannds
Given the reports of the reeds being stolen from legendary accordions or attempts to persuade customers to trade their old reeds for new ones I'm sure that people have put these old reeds in newer accordions. But given the "shady" source of these reeds it's unlikely that they would be very open about it...


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Nov 4, 2019
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a few years ago i bought a total junker Pro Paolo vintage around 1948-52
that had nice clean shiny reeds inside ! (black, beehive grille, waterfall)

have them sitting on a plate and it is one of my projects to refurb these
reeds then swap them into something... cross your fingers that i get
around to it someday

the rest of the accordion was dead... stripped it and used the body and
keybed for some Show and Tell stuff at the club meeting once, but otherwise

i also saved the reeds from two 1930's accordions, one Gallizi and one Special Excelsior
that i would also like to redo someday and swap in to something and hear them...
they are zink plates i think... sitting in a couple of big Jars...

more projects on the shelf than i will live to do i am afraid !

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