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Old Atlantic 4. Gaskets and pads advice ?



I am trying to restore an Old Hohner Atlantic. I posted some photos, in another post, over the last few days. I'll try and get them posted here also. I have a few questions: 1) despite there being 11 treble selectors, most are duplicates. I think I only have 2 musette setting and maybe 3 dry tuned. Is this normal on the older versions or has it been modded ? 2) I am losing a ton of air somewhere. It's leaking like a sieve. I'll do a few more passes around the bellows and gasket area, but so far, no gushers were noticed. I've had it apart to get some other stuff working and the pads are a concern. I am beginning to worry that this leaking may be the aggregate result of worn out pads, though none are sounding notes when not played. My pad observations are that the felt layer is really thin. How thin ? Well when I play the notes or work the keys without air, you can hear them tapping shut. There is white felt there but it's construction paper thin. Can anyone suggest some good pad material and source, in case I localize the leaking to them ? Furthermore, the gasket material is also quite dated. It looks to be like a black porous foam. Again, can you recommend a source for replacement ? If it's bellows leaks, I can handle that as I have repaired bellows before. Having said that, if putting new bellows on it were affordable, I'd rather save myself some time and get a new set. Thank you so much for continuing to help. PS: I have my own machine shop. What goes around, comes around ;)


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