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New here, but still quite old


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Jun 18, 2019
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Bramley, Surrey, England
Hullo all,

Thought I’d introduce myself.  I am an old guitarist largely experienced in folk and blues, but interested in most sorts of music from mediaeval plainchant to modern classical.  In my youth I played largely with others to accompany singers and instrumental soloists with better voices and musical skills than I have.  If I considered the accordion at all which was hardly ever, it was as an instrument of a bygone age for Italians and Frenchmen to play sentimental national music; O Sole Mio, and Sous les Ponts de Paris.  All very well, but not my scene.

About 18 years ago I bought a sailing boat large enough to sleep below decks, and wished to have an instrument to amuse myself and any other crew while at anchor.  With the possible exception of a double bass or a piano, the guitar is about the most cumbersome instrument you can think of to stow and play below in a small boat.

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