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NASA's Mars simulator crew emerged after 378 days: What did they learn?

Mike t.

Dec 19, 2022
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Western Washington State, Onalaska
Just sort of wondered if they had an accordion player on the crew, would they let them take an acoustic or would they have to take an electric? Would acoustic even work in Martian atmosphere?(in case the player had to play outside) They wouldn’t take a CBA as instructors are hard enough to find on earth… or it would set the mission back three years deciding what configuration of buttons to use? If they composed a song would it really be out of the world? Curious minds!
Good questions.
If there is life on mars, and they see a bloke with a CBA, especially one of them 192-button-bass jobs, they would think "Dang, these guys mean business". If, on the other hand, it's a PA, the aliens will be thinking "What is this numpty doing with a piano keyboard stuck to a melodeon?". We'll never earn their respect.

I think the mission should take a banjo player instead. If there's one on Mars, there's one less on Earth.