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My Hohner Tango iiM-- A bit of bragging


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Aug 24, 2021
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a suburb of Washington, DC
I bought this accordion about ten years ago from a professional accordionist living in the Richmond VA area. I really like the sound and weight, although the couplers are a little stiffer than I like. But the musette is so sweet, I rarely change registers.
I read the forum almost daily and have looked up Tango iiM, but never saw one quite like this. It's uniqueness means I'll never sell it!
Check out the rhinestones-- on top of the treble keys, under the metal grille, and then the rhinestones and design on the bass side! When I taught school, the kids loved the look of this. The seller told me--if Elvis played the accordion regularly-- his would look like this, and I agree.

And now check out the second picture. I took it to a Riders in the Sky concert a few years ago, and asked Joey Miskulin if he'd kindly sign it. He gladly did and mentioned he never autographed an accordion before.tango iim.pngjoey m.png
Very cool!!!!!