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Mixing PA with bandoneon

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Looking weird, ergonomically.
At Cooperfisa's a piano accordion just swallowed a bandoneon (see the 5th june 2020 post on their FB page):
ew "Bandoneon Piano" Patented Cooperfisa

I didn't find a video demonstration yet, I suppose they used zinc bandoneon reedplates inside this PA ?
I'd like to see how a player can get a grip and hold on this box.


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Looks hideous, and until we can hear whether it's really a bandoneon I don't expect this to become a big hit.
For CBA players there are CBA bandoneons that look just like regular bandoneons... so this new thing would be for PA players only.

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Thanks for the Tango Medley video. The player has a good grip. I would have expected the left hand to have difficulties with reaching the bass buttons.
On bandoneon, because of the depth of the box, the buttons are on the side.
Here the bass buttons, like a Stradella bass accordion, are on the front.

I also think it sounds better than it looks. I don't understand why they want to imitate the form of a bandoneon.
Think an standard accordion with bandoneon reedplates can have a similar bandoneon sound. The Akkordeonwerkstatt in Switzerland has made one. And historic examples also exist.

But as Cooperfisa says on FB, why not give it a try with this box.
Maybe that's the sunny side, when you have the budget, you can create all sorts of hybrids in the free reeds instruments family.

What's next?

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