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Midi retro fit

Possibly. Right now I'm kinda leaning towards having it done, professionally, but if there was enough savings, I might do it my self. I've heard of Musictech and Limex, and would like to know more about what other systems are available.
My acoustic has Master Production Play Midi. It’s a very robust system. I don’t know if Master sells kits for professionals to install, but a system like theirs would probably need a professional to do the job.

Does your acoustic accordion have a “mute?” If so, you can play the midi unit without hearing the reeds. If not, you’d either have the midi playing along with the reeds or you’d have to strap the bellows closed and use an expression pedal.
I just realized I have an unrepairable 12 bass I could turn into a home made midi box! Time for some more research!