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MIDI Bass VS. Baldoni Bass


Jun 29, 2021
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Southwestern, Ohio
Howdy everyone,

I am looking to add Bass electronics to my 120 Bass Imperial Tonemaster. (Just the root and counter bass rows.)
What MIDI controllers are you all using out their for your Bass that sound decent, for the sound and the price?

I have seen Baldoni advertise an electronic Bass system. I have not played one of these units, but I am curious if anyone here may have one of these and could share their experiences with it. Possibly some photos/ videos of the install/ hardware and unit in action.

I know MIDI provides more options, but the Baldoni seems more portable.

Just weighing the options here.



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Mar 2, 2021
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Oakville Ontario Canada
Have you checked out the Musictech system? They seem to specialize in these sort of conversions. They also appear to be available in North America so there may be someone within driving distance who could install this for you as you probably won't want to take apart the bass side of your accordion because its a very complex mechanism. I looked into adding the electronic (midi) side to an acoustic accordion and it was quite expensive. In the end I bought a Roland Fr8x. It's quite a lot more expensive than the add-on but you get a self contained unit that you can pick up and play right away.

I'm not familiar with your accordion brand but it probably is a good quality instrument so you don't want to risk lowering it's value. You need to very carefully consider how you want to proceed. Converting it means that you will need external speakers and amplification so that adds to the complexity.

My journey toward the Roland midi accordion was a whole process and in the end it just didn't make sense to pursue the upgrade. You have to make your own decision but I would suggest that you might even consider a used Roland or ready to go midi accordion. Please feel free to ask me questions about the decision process because I went through what you appear to be going through. With these "simple upgrades " there are always more complicated solutions.

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