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Looping on roland fr 7x?


Oct 29, 2023
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Hello, I have a question, can I create loops on my 7x? If there are any additional modules, please advise.
If you will accept an external device, there are options;

  • Audio Looper as hardware oder software on PC or iPad/iPhone (Android I‘m not shure). This will record any phrase you are playing on the FR from the audio-out and plays it back in a loop. You probably will need some additional device to make it audible like an active speaker or PA system if you don’t have one already where you can mix this in. And if you choose the software option you may wish some hardware (eg. footswitch) to do the controls (rec, play, delete, etc)
  • MIDI Looper as hardware or software. Mostly same as above but you would record the MIDI out signal. And regarding playback of the MIDI I don’t know the capabilities of your FR7. My FR1 will not allow playback of external MIDI while I’m using the accordion keyboard to play live. This means I would need an addition external device to make the MIDI loop sound.
    Note: In case you want to google for MIDI looper hardware be not confused: this name is also used for hardware to control multiple e-guitar amplifiers and/or effect devices. If you are interested I can guide you further.
edit: Afterthought regarding MIDi looping while parallel use of the FR’s inbuild sounds: it may be possible to route the MIDI signals of the inbuild keyboard to the external looper and then directly back to the inbuild sound engine. So the external looper will mix the recorded loop with the live playing and the FR would just listen to external MIDI. For this option you would have to check if your internal sound engine allows for playing more than 3 sounds at the same time, otherwise the looped playback would play the same sounds like your live play which may not be what you are after.
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