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London-based accordionists - anyone interested in joining a band?


May 7, 2021
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Hello accordionists,

Are there any of you looking for a band to join or a new project? Are you interested in French, Celtic or folk music?

We need an accordion player to join us in learning and performing folk music from France, Cornwall and the Channel Islands. We started several years ago and have built up a great repertoire of lesser-known songs, but with our original accordion player out of action, we need to find someone to fill that gap. Currently we have a guitarist, percussionist and two singers.

It would suit someone with a creative approach who enjoys learning new pieces, working out and arranging music. If you also like to sing, that would be a bonus, as there are several songs where everyone is encouraged to join in.

We normally rehearse fortnightly, and will try to do so outside where possible this summer, and usually meet either central south London or east London.

If you'd like to know more, our website is www.baldebourdon.org.uk, where you'll also find the contact details. Or feel free to reply via this forum. Thanks!

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