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Let that be a lesson to you....


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Apr 30, 2013
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Just had myself a nasty lesson in not being so cocky that you think you know your way around a digital accordion with your eyes shut.
It's cost me most of the morning to sort out and is a lesson well learnt.

What did I do? I accidently reset my FR8X to its factory setting after years of bespoke changes.
How did I manage to do it? Well let me explain.....

It was combination of circumstances that were out of the ordinary for me but nevertheless well within the user remit of a Roland FR8X.
First of all I decided to play the accordion with earphones. I almost never do this as I still firmly believe that a cable sticking out the bottom of the accordion is an accident waiting to happen. Anyway, I did on this occasion and noticed what I thought was an unevenness between pulling and pushing the bellows in volume.
Maybe it was just my technique but being the "guru" I am (don't laugh), I decided to delve into the system setting to see if I could tweak something.
Because I had the earphones in it was awkward to divest myself of the instrument and run upstairs to get my reading glasses. Being the "guru" that I am I thought I could wing it by squinting a bit (in view of my extraordinary knowledge of the instrument and its operating system... don't laugh).

First attempt seemed to help the unevenness a little but then I realised I had to save the system setting so that they would be the default when turning the instrument back on. This is where it all went wring. Maybe it was a hangover from New Year's Eve or simply advanced idiocy but instead of the tried and trusted "press the WRITE button for 2 seconds) I started to hunt in the system menu for the save function.

"It must be here somewhere" I thought, as I scrolled up and down, squinting at the screen. "Ah, here it is, something about system and a big red button in the display".

You guessed it, I pressed it and instantly got a queasy feeling in my stomach. I had pressed the factory reset......

"Having just watched a re-run of Dad's Army I knew the drill.... DON'T PANICK.

I let the accordion do its thing (takes about 2 minutes) and waited. As the countdown reached 100 it was asked to confirm the WRITE.. I declined, hoping that all would be forgiven. Well it wasn't although it was not as bad as I feared.

The User Programs and User Sets were gone but the installed ROMS and the latest operating system were still in place. At least it made a sound.

The rest of the morning has been taken up by searching for where I had saved all my User Programs and bespoke sets. As usual, I had saved most things but not in a way I could identify which was which. TIP: Don't name all your backups SET1 or USERPROG1.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I managed to get most things back to normal. I know I miss two sets that I had programmed for everyday use but I suppose I can re-create them (being a "guru" that should be easy).


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Nov 4, 2019
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this issue began between the FR7 and the FR7x

they added a sensor so that the pull vs the push could be "decided" more quickly...
by allowing the Operating System to use two different logic paths the focus could
then be, first, on the moment of "flip" without having to re-calculate the pressure logic

perhaps the development of the Diatonic V-Accordion had made them aware
of this as an improvement

the problem, however, was that they did not individually calibrate the separate sensors
during post-production final set-up

the factory default settings were good enough to fool most people, but more and more
users noticed the flaw, and so a "Fix" was passed around so owners could do their
own final calibration (as well as an authorised Roland Repair center)

frankly i would have thought Roland had learned their lesson...
(i mean the profit margin on the FR8 certainly allows for a few more minutes setup)
and finessed this calibration before delivery, but it seems if you listen closely
enough (as you did under headphones) it was enough to notice

after seeing your post, i imagine many FR8 users will listen more closely
or check the calibration with a sound meter, and take appropriate action,
so thank you for sharing (and the grace of humility)


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Feb 16, 2016
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Glenn, I am NOT laughing at you, I am laughing WITH you... lol. I cannot tell you how many times I did something similar, be it the computer, a camera, laptops, a complete NAS and so forth.

Now, for the 8X, I recalled all those queasy feelings that I got wiping things away that caused me grief, and so I made several backups. Seems it saved my bacon nicely, because the ONE time the 8X had the power board die on it, when it came back to me completely factory stock and the firmware updated to the latest, I had to restore my backups and had all my sounds back within 3 minutes after I tested it after being repaired.

Long story short... I got lucky... lol

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