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Jesus plays accordion!



I was bemoaning the fact that Im off to Tenerife tomorrow, and will probably not hear or see an accordion for the 10 days Im there.

Spanish accordion music has never really been very widely known, for the simple reason that the instrument isnt very popular there, apart from in the north of the country in the Pais Vasco, Navarra, and Rioja regions, where the music is usually centred around the folkloric and Basque styles of the area. The same can be said for Galicia, where the music has a Celtic tradition.

Years ago I discovered the young lady featured in this clip in the days well before the internet, and once bought a cassette tape album of hers. She is fairly unusual in that she plays a lot of classic Spanish standard tunes, as well as a quaint mix of music from her native Caceres in the western Extremadura region of Spain. PA is relatively popular in the area, and some real bargains can be had on older PAs at ridiculous prices, often well below 500 Euros, if anybody happens to be visiting (its well off the tourist trails), and can track a seller down! You also have to like the Spanish tuning, which I could get used to if I played PA at that money!

She originally played on Malvarra beach in Valencia, but is now located in Benidorm, and that is probably the reason why she plays those Spanish classics, presumably to entertain the tourists.

She was once as famous for her squeaky little voice as she was for playing accordion. Ive posted a link to a series of pasodobles which most of you will recognise, and wouldnt expect you listen to them all, unless like me you love the stuff.

<YOUTUBE id=9dSwPcKPsJc url=></YOUTUBE>

Oh, and her name is Maria Jesus, and here is the link to her website http://www.mariajesusysuacordeon.es/


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May 1, 2013
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Cool, thanks, yup, not my cup of tea but I appreciate the education. Carry on!

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