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Information required: Hohner Atlantic IV



Hi guys. My dad, who was a keen accordion player, recently passed away. I've been searching for information regarding his accordion - a Hohner Atlantic IV (pictured). Although information is readily available, it tends to be on variations of this model.
I was drawn to this site as members appear to be knowledgeable and friendly. My knowledge of accordions is limited at best, but my dad played his regularly and it appears to be in good condition. I am looking to sell the accordion, and would therefore be keen to know the highest and lowest prices you would recommend. Where best to sell. What ability level I should be targeting and any other information relative to a sale, such as the age, model description etc.

Many thanks for your time



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From my experience There are really only TWO basic versions of this - the Musette and Standard - the Musette is LMMM and very wet tuned for Scottish music (and some), they usually had Musette written on a badge on the bass end under Atlantic IV but maybe not on older models .... the standard is "Double octave" tuned (LMMH) ......... there are Deluxe versions of both - this adds nicer trim and a wrist coupler to engage all reeds at once (there`s a normal coupler as well) ..

Otherwise the Atlantic IV only changed the styling, yours is the older type , the newer ones have white Gola style couplers .. all are aluminium bodied with split reedblocks and sound fantastic, it has a unique sound which many including myself prefer to the Morino models ......

There was one issue with the older Atlantic models - they used foam to face the Pallets (the things which open and close to let the air through when you press a note) and it crumbles with age, you can tell if this has happened by the accordion making sounds when not pressing keys or buttons and / or the bellows opening and closing without anything pressed - also it`ll likely not sound as good ........ if its got this issue, it can be fixed but it`s not cheap as there are a lot of pallets in an Atlantic (hours of labour at an Accordion hospital) .......

As for price, anything between £250 and £900 depending on age, condition whether its been serviced (especially an older one) and how well it plays as is . the average going rate for an older model in good working order (serviced or not) seems to be around the £400 to £500 mark .. Musette ones are harder to sell generally as the Musette is VERY Scottish but tend to fetch a bit more as they`re also harder to find - yeah, weird I know .

EDIT - on closer inspection , yours is a Musette Deluxe ..... very nice indeed, I bet it sounds lovely


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Hi Kenny Welcome to the forum. When you decide to sell it, of course you could use our for sale section here.
If you do, I'd include where you are (guess UK, but an area would be helpful) and I'd like to see a pic from behind showing the bellows and bellow corners, too, without any protector pad on - if that's possible. Good luck with it.

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