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I want to buy a Roland Fr-1x can anyone help?



Has anyone on this forum ever used the small Roland FR-1x as the price is in within my budget?

I play in a busker band usually outside, and sometimes the lead guitar players need a bass
accompaniment which the FR-1X has on board.

Currently, I have a Hohner Bravo 111 72 bass which is a lovely instrument which I might keep.

I am drawn to the Roland as the various orchestral voices I have heard on YouTube are excellent
and would give our busking performance a new dynamics.


Altrincham Cheshire


Hi Peter, I recently bought a second hand FR1-X and had it refurbished by Roland UK who did an excellent job on it. I play in a folk band and we do other contemporary stuff as well and this is an excellent instrument and so useful for different settings and musical genres. It is very versatile and so compact as a small instrument and relatively light but still has the sounds and effects of the larger models. I also purchased the sets and and programs from Richard Noel in the USA which are excellent and there is also the potential to download other sounds by utilising the FR1-X Set Editor. Hope this helps and reassures you.




How rude of me, not to thank you for your reply. I am still looking for a pre-owned one but none available in UK
The cheapest I have been offered is £1150. I might have to get that and bite the bullet.


Hi Peter,
I play a Roland Fr-1x, because it is electronic I would not choose to play mine outside, for several reasons, the weather in UK is so unpredictable, it requires batteries which last 5 hours, it has a very useful long mains lead which needs a power supply, the sound level is fine for inside but would require an amp for outside. This all adds up to a lot of equipment, and restrictive to few busking opportunities.
I use my Roland with earphones for practice and use my Weltmeister accordion for weekly club playing.
I would advise you to try before you buy,
The Roland is my pride and joy, I play it every day, but the thought of carrying an accordion and amplifier, extension lead, music and dodging the showers does not appeal to me.
I live in New Brighton so if you want a trip to the seaside, come and try, but unfortunately you can't buy.
I bought mine new at Promensade Music, Morcambe, they are very helpful people who take part exchange, so worth a try.
Good luck.


I play my 3x at night in damp weather no prob. I would not use a 20 thousand dollor box out side mainly because I don't own one. I understand why others would not. To me playing out side around a fire is just plan relaxing and fun. Busking is also a lot of fun and mostly done out side to. The Roland is an excellent choice for busking outside. No reeds or leathers. Also somini reed combinations that you could not get with just one acoustic box let alone the other sound possibilities.

jimD may be able to help.

Another thought Roland is coming out with a new 4x and there may be a few good deals on used 3x's in a few months.

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