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How to Size an Accordion Strap


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Jun 7, 2021
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Ben Lomond, CA
Hi Sam. I found this to be a good introduction with some helpful tips: https://accordionchords.com/tutorials/how-to-hold-the-accordion/
When playing in a seated position, you want to be able to position the accordion correctly resting on your left knee, and the straps are more for keeping it secure and in position rather than carrying the weight of the instrument.


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Mar 2, 2021
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Oakville Ontario Canada
Hi Sam, I'm happy to welcome you to the group. Regarding your question regarding the strap you will need provide more information regarding the instrument and how you intend to play it. I think that straps are often a question of what feels comfortable so you will need to figure out what that might be. Perhaps you could visit an accordion dealer and see if they have an instrument that's similar to yours mainly regarding the size and you should get a better idea of what might work. I don't think that I would just go out and purchase them from an on-line store because you would need to be reasonably comfortable with playing to do so with confidence. Also you might want to support the local accordion/music store because they can provide you with a lot of support on your musical odyssey.


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Jul 16, 2014
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Eindhoven, the Nnetherlannds
Accordion straps always come as a pair, one being longer than the other. The shorter strap goes on the left (bass side) and the longer strap goes on the right (treble side). (Some people who are seriously overweight need to reverse that, seriously!)
The adjustment is really a matter of comfort and reaching the right position (accordion near vertical, chin above the center of the white keys. (On accordions with 5 chin switches it means chin above the middle of the 5.) So the accordion needs to be quite far over to your left, and this is so that you can have your right upper arm stretched all the way to the right, your elbow almost at 180 degree angle and your arm and hand in a straight line with the fingers then over the keys. If the accordion is too far over to the right you cannot do this and and have to have your elbow more towards the back and your wrist at an angle.
For more comfort combined with a snug fit, use a back strap!