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How much is my accordion worth?



Hello everyone. I came across this beautiful Stanelli accordion a few months ago. Im currently studying music and shared this interest with a co-worker. She is an older gal who stated that she used to play the accordion when she was younger and wanted me to have it since I have a passion for music. This accordion is stunning and sounds great! I was curious what one of these is valued at. Does anyone have a good general idea? I need to insure the instrument but dont know the value. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(the letters you see on the keys are on invisible tape which i forgot to take off)


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Apr 30, 2013
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Don't insure it! That would be a silly waste of money.

Insurance is like gambling at a casino, where the one thing you can safely bet on is that the casino ends up with most of the money. The only reason we play is because after all there's a chance that we could win, and in the insurance game that means some terrible loss that we couldn't recover from without their coverage. For any loss that's within your means to pay for, it's far cheaper on the average to just pay for it than to get insurance to pay for it.* For musical instruments, in my opinion it's partly about whether you depend on it for your livelihood - if you bought a fancy grand piano for your home and it's accidentally destroyed, you might not have the money in your checking account to buy another, but you may not need to replace it right away, in which case it isn't worth insuring.

Anyway, I would be surprised if insurance policies normally account for specific items of such small value as this accordion. Just play it and don't worry about what it's worth!

[ * I'm aware that there are exceptions such as medical insurance where the insurance companies dominate the market and create "distortions" of the marketplace that favor paying for everything with insurance. ]


I suppose it's worth what a replacement you're happy with would cost, maybe $300 or $500 in the U.S.A.

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