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Hohner Verdi III

Nov 19, 2023
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I have been left this accordion by my late mother. It is in excellent condition. Where should I try to sell it? How much do you think I could receive as I want the proceeds to go to the Alzheimer’s Socie

I have the same model, from the estate of my wife's uncle.


On yours do all the notes play on the keyboard and the bass side with the register switches in all positions?

The first thing I did was locate an expert accordion repair technician and took it to him to examine. He did things like test for air leakage, tested all the keys and controls, then opened it to look at the reeds, leathers, etc. There are things that can be wrong with an accordion related to how it was stored and used that would affect a fair price.

You might find that yours is in perfect condition and needs nothing repaired or adjusted! Mine didn't need significant repair but if it did it might have easily cost more to fix than what it might bring if sold. In that case, it might be better to simply donate the estimated repair cost to the Alzheimer’s Society and sell the instrument to someone interested in repairing it for the experience or simply for spare parts.

I don't know which Chester you live in but if revealed perhaps someone can recommend where you might have it checked out. Please post what you find out!

BTW, if you do find it has internal problems and you decide it's not worth fixing I might be interested in it myself for repair practice or parts. But here's hoping it will be in perfect shape!

I think high retail (price with warranty from accordion shop) would be $800 to $1200 assuming it’s functioning correctly and in tune. As JKJ mentioned every defect can impact the value.
One possible issue with the treble switch on this particular vintage, is what the Germans call the "steering box". This part is no longer made and so you might as well, if it doesn't work right. just disconnect the switch and have it play whichever treed sets you prefer.