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Hohner Gola 459



Hi everyone.

I am new to this forum. My name is Pieke, I'm from the Netherlands and my dad has been playing the accordeon for his entire life. This is also the reason I registered to this forum.

He is the owner of an 1988 or 1989 Hohner Gola 459, which has been lying in a box in our attick for the last 20 years. He does not play it. He mostly uses his Hohner Morino VI M.

I have been trying to gather some more information about the Gola 459 online, but have yet to find anything substantial. I could only find a model list from Hohner indicating that the model was indeed produced. Various google searches bring me nowhere. The market is very limited, and even though I was able to find (sold) listings and information about the other Piano Gola's (414, 454, 455), I was unable to find anything about the 459 at all.

To get to the point; we're looking for some kind of reference as to what it is worth. As much as it saddens me that he doesn't play it, it would be even sadder if this beautiful instrument stays hidden in our house forever.

I'm hoping that your expertise can help me estimate the value of the instrument. I am unable to post any pictures at the time, but please judge it as if it were a mint condition.



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A friend of mine (who sadly died) played what I believe was the Gola 459 (45 keys, 5 reed, 185 bass buttons with MIII).
I was the top of the line instrument, a very expensive model. I'm surprised to hear that your father prefers to play the Morino VI M over the Gola 459 because they are similar in size, have the same number of notes and reeds, yet the Gola is the better accordion.
Apart from just being a fantastic accordion the Golo also has a built-in bag of moisture-absorbing material which should help it remain in good condition in storage.
It may require work since most likely it wasn't stored in the "playing position". When is sits on its feet some rows of leathers will start sagging because of gravity.
It may be worth having it checked out by a reputable repairman. A Gola from that era may easily be worth upwards of 10.000 euro.

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