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Hi! I'm new here. A few questions and something to show...

Apr 7, 2022
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Chicago, IL
Hey! I'm new here. Really glad to see an active accordion forum.

I've been into the accordion for a long time. I picked one up like 10 years ago but haven't touched it much for the past several years so I've forgotten most of what I know. On the piano accordion, I liked playing folk songs/polkas, and I knew a couple of songs from Amelie, a few Russian folk songs, etc. I have a Hohner Bravo 60 bass.

I was in San Antonio, Texas last week and in a burst of enthusiasm bought a Hohner Corona II Xtreme in FBbEb tuning. It's their "made in Germany" model of that line, and it's really nice. (I had a Panther for a few months a long time ago and enjoyed it, but I remember how to play absolutely nothing on it.)

I got really inspired, and I made a website where you can play the button accordion with your computer keyboard. I've been highly concerned about making too much noise in my apartment, so this was my solution, and it was a lot of fun to make. But I'm really excited about all the things I can do with it, like make it autoplay all the relevant scales, as notes, 3rds, and 5ths, and chords. I can even use it to autogenerate tabs for scales and any song I learn if I build that out. So for me it's double fun, because I get to play and learn, and also build something alongside it.

Anyway, I'm just really excited about that (still a few kinks to work out since I did it in 2 days).

Obviously, with that type of accordion, most of what I would be able to play is Tejano/Norteño music. I used to frequent "Reyes Foro" years ago, but when I looked back I noticed it was gone and really could hardly find any references to it anywhere. Which is too bad, I really wanted to connect with other players of that genre and see if my little app could be useful to them as well. I put off buying this type of accordion for years because I really would prefer to play with the bases, but there are tons of polkas and waltzes and folk songs I can learn to play on it as well, and the restrictions of figuring out what I can play with 12 bases is appealing in a fun, challenging way. I was just wondering knows what happened there or if diatonic 3-row is really discussed on this forum.

Anyway, I've rambled quite a bit, but yeah, I'm just looking forward to playing my new accordion and learning how to play it, and seeing what everyone else here is up to, and getting inspired to play the piano accordion again as well.


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May 1, 2013
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S W England
I used to visit the Reyes forum. As you say it seems to be long gone
I think Gilbert(o) Reyes now works with Hohner.
There seems to be plenty of norteno/conjunto ...music in the US/Mexico but no forum activity.
Your 3 row is most suited for playing with brass - flat keys - so it could be hard to find the right polka players .
Years ago I tried very hard to learn stuff from a Flaco Jimenez LP only to discover his 'box' was in GCF and mine in ADG - so near and yet so far!
I haven't played diatonic for years.
There are a few diatonic players here but that's not the main interest.
Bb/Eb is also often a good choice for songs. Have fun with your new instrument.

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