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Help with configuring MusicTech Q-Select presets


Jul 26, 2014
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San Diego, CA, USA
I'm trying to assist a friend who just took delivery of a very nice Dino Baffetti C-system CBA accordion with a built-in Musictech Q-Select system.

We finally figured out that the right hand transmits on two MIDI channels, and were able to figure out the MIDI bank selects to work with his Ketron SD1000 expander, and were able to save a few presets.

For the life of me, we could not figure out how to make changes (for example which patch) to an existing saved preset and then apply the change to the same preset, not have it save it to a new preset.

The Musictech manual is not very helpful on this subject, it makes it sound like you can only save patches one after another in increasing order and that there is no way to go back to edit a preset.

We had to do a complete reset multiple times and then recreate the patches he wants for his band from scratch starting with patch #1.

Surely it must be possible to edit an existing saved patch, but nothing in the manual explains the specific procedure.

Can anyone recommend someone that understands the Musictech Q-System system that I might refer him to? He'd be happy to pay for the help.


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Feb 10, 2014
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As long as you are in a particular preset you want to edit and then go into edit morde, make changes, and save it, it should be fine. If you stay in edit mode yes, will move up to the next slot incrementally. I have a couple of different Musictech systems in my accordions including a diatonic accordion. If you still have problems, you can PM me.


May 9, 2020
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Cambridge UK
I've just taken delivery of a a new Beltuna Alpstar that has a Musictech-q-Select external box. The accordion plugs into it with a cable that looks more like a TV connector. I was told i would been an expander to produce a sound from the Musictech so I bought a seocnd hadn Roland BK7 backing unit.. now I'm confused...
I don;t understand how to program the Musictech box - and even I need to do so given that I havet this roland bk7 Sadly there'a no Youtube showing how it all hangs together... can any kind soul enlighten me? Rob H

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