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Help w/ identifying old Scandalli



Hey y'all

Just purchased a Scandalli accordion off a friend for very cheap, but I can't seem to identify the model or year.

The plate w/ the model number on the back seems to have fallen off, otherwise the accordion seems to be in decent shape. No identifying marks on it.

It has 120 bass, and 41 keys with 2 treble switches. Seems to be in the original Scandalli case.

Check out the pictures if you wish, because your help would be most appreciated in IDing this one! I have scoured the internet and only found a couple similar-looking models. This one seems to be a different size than the ones listed that I have found. I'm just now picking this instrument up, and I would love to know the history behind my little beauty while I learn and play on it.

Many thanks,


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Well its a mid/late 50s early 60s model, Ive not seen them model named, although the links below refd to Gold series. This is a basic 2 voice model and is the compact model with c.16/17 keyboard? At least one featured in the links.

And see


The serial numbers wont help, Scandalli has changed hands/ been rationalised that much they admit theyve lost track of serial number records.

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