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Halsway Accordion Weekend

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Paul Hutchinson

This year's Folk Accordion Course at the wonderful Halsway Manor has just finished and this year was undoubtedly the best if nothing else in terms of numbers, over 50 attented.
The tutors were Murray Grainger, Jane Ward and myself.
If you would like to attend next year's course (7th - 9th June) I urge you to sign up now 01984 618274 or email <EMAIL email="office@halswaymanor.org.uk">office@halswaymanor.org.uk</EMAIL>
The venue is a wondeful Jacobean Manor house in the Quantock Hills between Minehead and Taunton.

Just a reminder about this years Marlborough Intermediate level workshops (23rd to 27th July)which I am leading, there are places but you need to get in contact with them soon. The same goes for the Summer School at Dartington, beginning on August.

Finally, I have tried to find out how to change my status from Novice to Experienced by asking for help on this site, but no joy.
So if you are put off by the thought that these courses are run by an novice, that isn't the case. But these are directed at those who want to play folk music well and tastefully.


Paul Hutchinson post_id=60049 time=1528719494 user_id=416 said:
Finally, I have tried to find out how to change my status from Novice to Experienced by asking for help on this site, but no joy.
Oh, the status just is an indication of how many posts you made on this forum yet. Expert or similar just means that you are wasting so much time typing on your computer that youd have no chance practising your accordion enough.

I should know, and I am sure most others are perfectly aware of it as well.


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Apr 6, 2015
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It was a terrible weekend, being taught by novices was appalling! The weather was awful, warm sunshine, gentle breezes. :lol: I slept in my camper van, the damn dawn chorus! Terrible!

It was a weekend of accordionistic delight, well mostly. The tuition was first rate, the venue was delightful. The food was pretty good, not The Ritz or a swanky Michelin starred restaurant, but definatly good enough.

Unlike one of the local groups I have played with, no one made a big thing of fumble-fingers if a tune went wrong in the bar session or elsewhere for that matter.

I enjoyed the Saturday evening concert, and I danced in the bar with my chum Ann, although I must say the Friday night Mazurka,( Lapleau or Cinq Cent maybe) was just a bit fast. My friend who did the elementary, class went from . "OMG, I can't do it, I want to cry" to "I want to go again"
Personally, I got a lot from it. Recomended

Paul Hutchinson

Thanks for explaining the novice status.
Also for the endorsement which was much appreciated.
I have set up a Halsway Accordion Page on Facebook so please sign up to that and I will be posting details about next year's tutors soon.
If you are in London (not that it seems to matter since students travel from Nottingham, Southampton and Eastbourne for example), the Folk Accordion term begins in September. The two classes (level 2 and level 3/4) are going to be busy this year with a cap of 15 per group, so go to EFDSS website and sign up if you are interested. Level 2 is at 10am and Level 3/4 at 12.45. Both classes are 1.5hrs long.
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