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"Gurgly" Bass Note

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Mar 1, 2020
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Hello everyone, I have a "gurgly" G bass note only in the outgoing position of bellows. This noise occurs on all shifts on a 4/5 reed piano accordion that is about a year old. A Serenellini Regina Gold. I'm guessing a reed valve out of position?...or maybe a piece of dust or sawdust from construction? I was thinking of blowing low pressure air through the reed blocks. If I play the accordion for 30+ minutes it goes away sometimes. Thoughts? thank you.
I'm no repairman, but it sounds like something's not right with one of the leather/synthetic valves on your G bass reeds?
I'm no repairman, but it sounds like something's not right with one of the leather/synthetic valves on your G bass reeds?
That's my guess too. I will have to pull the pins and inspect. I'm not sure if it would be an outer or inner reed on the reed block. It only occurs when bellows are pulled, works fine on inward bellow movement.
There's two valves ( push & pull), so one can be perfect and the other not ?
I know, I'm just not sure which one is on the outside of the reed block. I suppose I can depress the bass button and see which pallet opens and figure out which reed it is. I'm guessing a piece of dust or a reed valve issue. Seems like when the accordion sits it acts up, and after playing awhile it tends to go away.
It can be either valve. When you pull you use the reed on the inside of the block, so the valve that opens is the one on the outside. The valve and its boosters may be vibrating, or the reed could be hitting the valve. But... the inside valve (next to the reed) may also vibrate instead of staying steadily closed. It may vibrate because of the air passing through the reed. Finding the cause is always a bit of detective work, and fixing it a bit of trial and error.
a: it should be under warranty

nevertheless, you will need to pull the reedblocks in order to check for
a misaligned valve, as it will not be visible with the reedblocks in place
(if the culprit is the visible reed, with the valve opening inwards)

if it the visible valve, misalignment should be obvious

first, because the gurgly sound is present on all shifts, i am going to
guess it is on the biggest reed (because that one pretty much always
is getting air when you play the fundamental (but not always on chords)

hopefully it will be obvious, and re-positioning will fix the problem,
but have a few replacement leathers ready to use if you need to swap
it out

good luck and be very careful

Thank you everyone! I may pull the pins, if I don't see anything obvious, I will send it in for warranty repair.
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