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French 19th century method in numbered music notation


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This French website has a free pdf document of the first volume of an old French violin tutor by Emile Poilleux from 1897.
What is so special about this violin tutor is that it follows the Chevé numbered music notation.

Accordionists can also play these tunes on the accordion. At the end are famous tunes by classical composers. 
The interesting thing is that the numbered music notation is melody only. So a single line notation.

And of course this numbered music notation is a relative music notation, the seven numbers referring to the 7 grades of the scale.
So you can use this notation in every music key.
This notation is (music) key independent. Eg in C , or G or in A flat, or in C sharp. Its always the same easy notation.

(I compare it to the CBA (chromatic button accordion) layout, a (music) key independent button layout for a musical instrument, in this case the accordion)

Emile Poilleux
Méthode de violon élémentaire et progressive en notation chiffrée, 1ère partie (1897)


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