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For those of you...

There was a guy at my work who collected, what he called, "strange" instruments. He knew that I played stringed instruments, so he brought one of these in for me to try. I expected it to be louder, but it was a fun experience.
The guy in the middle video is very talented. He seems to be playing a tiny snare drum with his elbow, whilst operating that Frankenstein instrument. I am surprised he doesn't bow that thing with a flute for good measure.
I recall being told that these were originally made to enable a sound which the early microphones could sense and record, leading to the term "recording violins."
There was a chap that used to play one in the crowded and noisy Fremantle Markets in Western Australia; the sound seemed to carry quite well over the hubbub.
Thanks buddy, joking aside, he plays well - actually they all do. I prefer the violin to the Strohvoil or Romanian horn violin. However, if it is good for Romanian and other eastern music then I can see the point of it. But when people just use it for novelty factor I don't like that so much. Any music played with sincerity, rather than ego, is good in my book.
I'd put these violins in the "Oddball" classification. Of which, I'm an avid fan!
Nice find, Dingo.