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Finnish C system



Here is something for those who like something a little different. Here is a 6 row Finnish C system chromatic, and the tune translates as Restless Fingers. Most Finnish C system accordions Ive seen only have 5 rows, with a typical professional instrument being the Bugari Finlandia Cassotto. These have a great tone and can be had in good condition secondhand in Finland for about 2500 Euro.

However, none of the Scandinavian accordion styles have ever captured my interest, and that is why I never posted this in the I like that section.

It seems that the Finnish C system allows players to apply fingering patterns more akin to the B system, although Im sure Ill be wrong there. It certainly looks that way.

Dont know what make the accordion is, and I havent bothered to work out what is going on. I have no idea at all how the basses are arranged on these instruments. There appears to be a Russian influence there, which is understandable.



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Interesting to see a 6 row Finnish C system accordion. It's just C system with C on the 3rd row (and here also on the 6th). So this box lets normal C-system players use it as if it were a 4 row C-system accordion by ignoring the first 2 rows. And for the most part that seems to be what this player is doing. He is playing most on rows 3-4-5. He is making use of the 2nd row on occasion but he is really not playing like other Finnish C system players. My guess is that he probably learned to play on a "normal" C system accordion first.


Thanks Paul,

I had no idea at all what he was doing. I came across the track when I was looking for Tollefsen sheet music for another member. The position of the player's hand was what caused me to comment on the possible similarity to the B system, but I knew somebody would have the answer.

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