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FIA 2020 (Festival Internacional del Acordeón CHILE)

Sebastian Bravo

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Sep 4, 2017
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Santiago, Chile
Hi forum! this week we had a good time at FIA in Chile, an international accordion festival organized by Fundación Entre Fuelles (Between bellows) here in Chile.
I forgot to tell you about it, sorry ;( but it was online, and all the parts are available to watch in youtube! Here's the link:

There are a lot of videos, interviews, masterclass and accordionists playing worldwide! ( Joaquin Muñoz, Artem Markhasyan, Petar Maric, Júlia Masnicová, Nerea Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Berrios and many others)
I also participated in the event, doing a masterclass in accordion repair, talking about my work and my methods.
We also did an accordion urban intervention in Plaza Ñuñoa, with 50 accordionists from our city today, and that video will be published later.
I hope everyone enjoy the videos! They are in spanish but Youtube can provide autogenerated english subtitles.

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