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Fabulous accordionist!


Mar 1, 2021
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San Francisco California
Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone might know the name of the accordionist who toured with Ginny and the Gallions music group who played the lounges in Lake Tahoe? I saw them in the late 50’s (I know a long time ago). This remarkable player took a solo on the tune, “I Never Knew”, it to me what an accordion solo should be, excitement, flash, and he wound up finishing bellow shaking it on his knees! I watched him, looking around and seeing that the casino had come to a standstill! The tables, slots, waiters, all watching this amazing performance! With rousing applause! He told me afterward that he was a protege of Mat Mathew’s although he played piano accordion. Wish I had kept tabs. His playing was similar in emotion to Contino and Tony Lovello! The way our accordion was meant to be played, with emotion and heart! I’m hoping someone might remember seeing him! Thanks

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