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evolution of the sheng

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traditional version of the sheng, the player has to use all his fingers to cover and Uncover the holes:
Introduction to Musical Instrument Sheng 笙 by Master Sheng Player Hu Tianquan 胡天泉 2/2

1 minute video of a sheng player, showing the inside reeds and wind chamber of his modernized keyed sheng:
鍵笙 - 38簧加鍵笙與樂器展示 International Composition Prize - Keyed Sheng

playing the keyed sheng:

Reichsteins 1828 version of the new sheng, leaving out the pipes:
Mundharmonika, 22 Klappen (Aura, Mundäoline)

And then theres Charles.... who made his version, reduced it to the minimum, and kept the essence:

Its the photo with the match, the symphonium on the right side has got 44 reeds... thats half of a 88 key piano...
Voor en agter aansigte van Sir Charles Wheatstone se Symphonium – voorloper van die konsertina wat in die Horniman Museum in Engeland bewaar word
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