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Dropped accoridon on ground. Bass makes sound without pressing any button.


Oct 23, 2021
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Holly, Michigan, USA
I dropped my accordion and the table side starts to have sounds without me pressing any button, the sound happens when I push and pull the bellow. I took off the cover and removed the bass mechanism and the problem stopped but come back (with more sounding reeds) after I put back the mechanism. The sound seems to be different every time I take of & put back the base mechanism. The mechanisms don't seem to have major damage, as observed by me, a novice accordion player.
I looked at common accordion failure modes and don't think any of the problems fit mine.
I am intrigued by the craftsmanship of the accordion after I opened it up and want to try fixing it.
  • What are the common cause for this problem?
  • What are the actions I can to troubleshoot?
I found this forum after I broke my accordion and started googling solutions. This is my first post. Hello everyone!
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