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don't spose anyone has the monkey island theme bass?



don't want to seem
lazy but the way i'm
trying to figure it
out is by watching some
one else and stopping
the video and counting so
far i'm at 10 seconds
and it has take be bout
15 minutes rewinding
it making sure I counted
correctly etc.

don't want to give
up with this song
but it's taking a long



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Jul 27, 2016
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Sebastian Bravo post_id=55676 time=1519407806 user_id=2512 said:

Errr... yeah, but with the huge caveat that, very often, the chords you find on the internet are rubbish.

IMHO, the ideal method is to find a recording as close to the original source as possible (like this) and figure it out from that, using the ol ear-bones. At the very least, you should check any internet chords you find against the real version.

And I wouldnt necessarily rely on some randos cover version of the song (they might have gotten it wrong, and youd be learning an incorrect version), unless you specifically want to learn their particular arrangement of it.

But hey, thats just me. YMMV.

P.S. That tune has some seriously weird time signature stuff goin on! Or am I hearing it wrong?

Sebastian Bravo

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Sep 4, 2017
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Santiago, Chile
JeffJetton post_id=55715 time=1519578731 user_id=1774 said:
the chords you find on the internet are rubbish.

Thats right, but it works on most cases. As you say, its always better to try to play by ear (Thats what i do most of the time)

That link (Like this) isnt working!

and yes! the basses has a weird timing, ive never heard anything similar!

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