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Crucianelli pancordion 41/120


May 20, 2023
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New London, CT
Just wanted to share ! See if anyone had fun facts about this model, though I did read some other pancordion posts.

Picked up this beautiful crucianelli for $300. Left shoulder strap broke on me when I picked it up - always use two hands folks.

7 treble switches, 2 bass switches with viewing port. All treb and bass keys work, and are even. Clean bellows

Tuned to 444 Hz lol I guess I gotta quit the band or make everyone tune up

It has a pretty bad whine - can’t wait to open it up and take a look. Hopefully the wax and leathers get here soon.




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These have unique switch design. I always say the straps are not the handle (a baggage for example) of the accordion. You must see the part that holds the straps inside. Very tiny thing there. Its for only to hold the accordion in place, something never to trust...
Loose screw in oboe shifter …
I wonder if it’s stuck “half open” able to remove the paddle because it’s held in there by a spring IMG_1601.jpeg

Scewed it back in and the oboe shifter works

I’m beginning to think the keyboard warped or something ? Many of the treble pallets are off their holes.

Thinking it’s easier to bend the keyrods one or two degrees rather than repallet them all
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