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Classical and Folk music


Bill V

Accordion tribe group plays very much from the heart,music from ordinary folk.Classical is often viewed as elitist, stuffy etc.,well it was sponsored mainly by the aristocracy whoever pays the piper calls the tune.Recent criticism of one orchestra was it cherry picked popular excerpts and missed out the rest,I like that!Avant garde seeks to educate the audience,do us lesser beings want to be educated in their style? After a life time of playing all sorts of music I really prefer folk Scandinavean,most northern european music which brings me back to Accordion Tribe,Maria K puts it well in the video well worth a watch and listen if you have the time,fits my outlook on music....


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May 1, 2013
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Thank you, I'll have to make time for that - the video starts well with my favourite Accordion Tribe track, Boeves Psalm!

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