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Castelfidardo Visit May 2018

Happy girl

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Oct 31, 2013
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Reproduced by kind permission of the Leyland Accordion Club

5th Accordion visit to Castelfidardo in Italy – MAY 2018

Experience a wonderful and interesting 5 days in the lovely areas of Emilia Romagna and Le Marche plus a visit to San Marino. Dates are between 22-26 May 2018. Travel is from Heathrow on scheduled flight to Bologna and then a luxury coach down the Adriatic coast to Castelfidardo. Lunch stop half way at a vineyard (included)

On arrival at the hotel in Castelfidardo there may be time to visit the Accordion Museum in the town. The following days will include visits to Victoria Accordion showroom where the world’s largest working piano accordion is on display alongside a huge chromatic model. Visits are included to a number of high quality accordion manufacturers to see the various instruments being made by hand. There is the opportunity to try the latest accordions on display in the respective showrooms.

Optional visits are included to see how reeds are produced and how the bellows are made. A stop at the Carini Accessory Shop will be available and lunch visits to some of the attractive nearby towns such as the pilgrimage town of Loreto, Recanati, Osimo or Macerata. Our coach can also take those interested to the larger provincial city of Ancona. We will visit seaside resorts in the evening for dinner and entertainment. Our last night dinner is included where a local guest accordionist will give a performance after dinner. During our stay we have some accordions loaned to us by some of the manufacturers and group members are able to entertain at the restaurants if they wish and at the hotel. There have often been some wonderful jam sessions in the hotel bar in the evenings!

Return journey to Bologna we stop for around 4 hours in the independent state of San Marino for sightseeing and lunch and a visit to a shopping centre and huge music shop.

Prices are expected to start around £590 for the 5 days to include:
• Return scheduled flights from Heathrow to Bologna by British Airways
• Hotel accommodation including breakfast
• Lunch at the Vineyard
• Final night dinner and entertainment
• Selection of accordions to play at the hotel during the stay.
• Various visits to factories by our own coach/driver
• Visits to nearby towns and restaurants by our own coach/driver
• Visit to San Marino
• Accompanied throughout

To add your name to our list for full details please contact Peter Le Geyt Tel: 020 8977 6680 or email: <EMAIL email="plg@plgmarketing.com">plg@plgmarketing.com</EMAIL>


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Jul 27, 2016
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Wow! That looks like it would be awesome.

Not so easy for us Yanks to make it out to Heathrow though, otherwise I might be joining in on that one. {}


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Feb 16, 2016
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Same here. All said, though going with a group of fellow accordionists is great, I think that what I would prefer doing is researching where I would want to go, what I want to see... and then do it either by myself or with 1-2 other friends that are at least semi-local to me.

That way I could see what I liked at my own pace and go to the factories that I wanted to see. For example, I would definitely want to see Excelsior/Pigini and though it is a huge drive (850km), Hohner Trossingen would definitely be on the list.

Food for thought. :)

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