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Castelfidardo Factory visit


Sep 14, 2018
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Hi sorry if this has been answered before, I’m planning a family trip to Castelfidardo at the end of this month (2 or 3 days max). Apart from the Museum (Museo Della Fisarmonica), are there other places visitable for general tourists? (Accordion related of course). Are the factories visitable or are they strictly for makers and repairers?.

Would appreciate any bit of guidance too.
Here you go:

To summarise, stay in Loretto for a family visit, Castelfidado is a very boring place! Also tricky to get a factory tour unless you are a major purchaser but you can always email in advance to ask. The showrooms at the factories are nice enough if that's as far as you get.
Went there last year.
The largest playable accordion is there and worth a visit.
Beltuna is super nice and gave us a factory tour. And they make fantastic accordions. Email ahead for a time. Guistozzi is a small place and you’ll be in the workshop.

I don’t know about others but I would definitely contact the brands you’re interested in you may be able to get a tour. IIRC Scandalli might give tours. also I’ve heard the larger places are less accommodating ie Burgari, Pugini? But that’s all hearsay.