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Castagnari vs Serenellini



Hello there!

I’m a Chromatic Button Accordion player. I do have a compact model now, 120 bass 2 voice, very light, but very old too, and I want to buy a new wooden one… I have been searching and contrasting some models and brands. And my final choice is between Castagnari and Serenellini.

Best said, between Castagnari magica K3 5 rows - http://www.castagnari.com//index.php?strparam=&language=uk&sz=301&id=57

And Serenellini 373 MW - http://www.serenellini.com/chromatic-standard.aspx

Both are lovely wooden models, and same voices…
Does anyone here have any experience with these two models, or the brand? Quality of sound, how quick is the keyboard… What would be your choice?



Depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

The Serenellini: has a greater range: 4 reed 96 bass with two switches and 37/67 on the treble with 7 switches in front
the Castagnaris: 3 reed 72 bass with 0 switches and 34/57 on the treble with three switches in back (with double effects, but I don't know what that means)

I cant interpret what the quality of reeds are
Castagnari: Handmade type reeds (quality between regular dural reeds and handmade reeds)
Serenellini: Special Handmade (you will have to check to see if these are handmade, (a mano) or handmade type (tipo de mano)

The Castignari is smaller and weighs about a kilo less.

I played a Serenellini 120 bass CBA in a shop and it was very nice. Castagnari are very famous, but I have never played one. - Which has the better resale value? I don't know.

By the way what is the difference in cost?

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