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Casio LK 100

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I have one of these that has only been out of the box a few times

It is taking up space and although I like the idea of having it due to the above it may be better going to a good home

£60 delivered (uk only) including adaptor

paypal accepted

The Casio LK-100 61 Key Musical Keyboard features a 61-key full-size lighted keyboard with Sing-Along function, as well as 100 presets. This keyboard also comes with 100 built-in songs. Its big LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings and which keys to press. Lastly, the LK-100 also includes a lesson system that lets you practice at your own pace. The keyboard grades your performances, so you can follow your progress as you improve.

Lighted Keys
Use the lighted keys on this keyboard to help track what you're playing as you go along.

100 Sounds
This keyboard comes with a wide variety of sounds. Enhance the range of your playing.

50 Rhythms
50 versatile rhythms help add life to all your keyboard performances.

Auto Accompaniment
This keyboard automatically plays bass and chord parts in accordance with the chords you finger.

Three Step Lesson System
Learn the parts that make up the keyboard's built-in tunes. Instruction appears on the LCD screen.


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