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Buying second hand accordions from Harmony

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Hi all,
I am a new accordion player and am looking for an accordion at a more affordable price. On Amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, and ETSY, theres an accordion seller called Harmony Music Workshop selling second-hand accordions. This shop has its own webpage: http://accordion-bayan.com/accordions/?filter=3&page=2

Has anyone bought an accordion from this online seller? Thanks a million!!!



This company also sells on eBay and is apparently based in the Ukraine. The eBay feedback is 100%, but very little of that relates to accordion sales. Also, they have only acquired 93 feedback ratings in the 3 1/2 years they have been selling.

Personally speaking I wouldn't chance it. I've only ever bought one accordion by mail order, and lived to regret it. And that instrument was new. "Refurbished" covers a whole lot of stuff that may or may not be to an acceptable standard to any would be purchaser. The instruments on sale may well be OK, but getting spare parts for them in whichever country you are based might not be possible.


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I agree with Maguin96. There are scores of honest, reliable dealers where you can go to try used accordions and they will typically come with some kind of guarantee, even used. No one likes a deal more than me, but buying an accordion through ebay is like buying "a pig in a poke". There is just no way to know what you're getting and even if return is allowed, think of the aggravation. I don't know where you're located, but in the US you can always keep an eye on Craigs list, as they will typically have accordions offered. But even on Craigs list, you need to be experienced and know what you're looking at - split it open, check the reeds, etc., etc, but again, no guarantees. I'd stick with the dealers. Shop around, be patient...you'll find what you're looking for at a fair price....and most likely with some recourse.
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