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Brexit and vat.


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Jul 16, 2014
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yes i know we take it on all of our purchases here .... but sometimes 5% is already that saved 😅
We complain about VAT or import duty... but it's also clear that some people just want to make too much money on accordions they sell...
Some people may be happy to own an accordion they paid 20.000 euro for. I would be happy to own an accordion that's actually worth 20.000 euro. I don't think this one is in that category. (it's a very nice accordion but no way this is worth 20.000 euro as a pre-owned instrument, and I'm pretty sure not even as a new instrument.)


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May 22, 2016
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Accordion VAT.

I take the point that there’s possibly a line crossed in going from accordions to politics. However the question at the head of this thread has a direct link to political decisions and to ignore it is simply to put ones head in the sand.
I am totally tolerant of all political views and always aim at any involvement being dealt with in a civil and respectful manner.
It is noted that those who chastise and want to put me ‘back in my box’, have not taken the opportunity to point out any benefits of the new position of the UK being outside the EU (with regard to accordions).
Over the decades I have had lots of dealings with continental sellers such as Thomann. Hohner etc. and those dealings have always been carried out economically and efficiently but this situation has changed and not for the better as far as I can see.
The subject you have touched on re. high price of accordions in the UK, does not only apply to accordions but also to cars, white goods etc. This situation does not relate to recent political changes and I don’t know if the higher prices are caused by the makers, the mark up by the sellers or the tax structure. For a long time the UK market has been referred to as ‘Treasure Island’ by some.