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Breakout midi/audio cable Roland FR7x


Oct 7, 2021
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Vancouver BC Canada
Hi all, I'm using the FR7x, and I have the 19 pin tether cable to connect it to my foot controller. However I'd like to be able to find the AMC-4 midi/audio cable so I can connect directly to the accordion for midi. The AMC-4 is very hard to find as it's discontinued and I called Roland but they can't help.
Alternatively I can build my own breakout cable, but I can't find information anywhere on the wiring pinout for the 19 pin cable. Roland service tech department says they can't release that info, I did find a service manual with schematics online but alas that one 19 pin amphenol connector isn't shown in any of the schematics. Does anyone know where I can get the AMC-4 cable or the information on the wiring of the audio/midi pinout?
Regards Lou

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