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Bluetooth Pedal and WidiMaster

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Aug 24, 2017
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I connected this Bluetooth pedal to my Korg Pa1000...if interested, think I can do the same with the bk-7m? the Airturn bt200s/6 is fairly new, think came out end of last year? Great concept as it is self contained and with the app you can program each button to whatever control message on channel 1-16. Bluetooth pedals are the way to go since improved devices like WidiMaster came Out with Ble5.
Not a fan of using Widimaster on the accordion, going back to MiDIJet. Seems to drain battery quicker?
But as Bluetooth Le controller it has quicker response then Yamaha or Quicco...if any thoughts on your experience, please share...I eat, sleep and drink this stuff...

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