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Bk-7m discontinued?


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Aug 24, 2017
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For me, an arranger kb and backking module are two different things. I don’t want/need to carry a keyboard of any size around just to get backing sounds. I have my fr4x and that’s enough instrument wise. The bk7m is small and sits on its stand so I can easily see it when playing. I use a home made fc7 type pedal to control it while playing. I am still researching how to control everything using midi and a song app on phone or iPad. However as it stand my setup is very simple. I even made the bk battery powered so I have no need for mains or pa at the sort of small places I play. The bk plays through the accordion speakers.
i did wish Roland would resurrect the bk7m though. As soon as I got the fr4x I realized I ‘needed’ one 😂 and it’s a blast to play with. Even makes me sound good, well reasonable anyway!
i have a beat buddy that I used to use with a loop pedal and keytar. Totally different thing. I tried it with the accordion and really did not like it but others may disagree.
as far programming goes I am in the lazy category. I tend to use what is there with little to no tweaking. I want to play, not spend my time programming sounds to be just right. That said I need to create a 5/4 time style. There are drum tracks on the beat buddy in 5/4 time but not on the bk.
k i will say I find setting up play lists on the bk very time consuming. I’ve tried Peter jazz’s editor which is great but not exactly what I want so I am trying to write my own (because I am a programmer and that’s what I do 😂 )

As for obtaining one, used is your only option. I do worry about what I will do if mine dies. Ketron seem so expensive, plus I’d have to rework all my play lists and settings.
Nice to hear your opinion. I have a house gig, so no worries about carrying keyboard. Have the older PA3x on house gig which is very heavy for the size…but does an excellent job. Still have the bk7m and may use it for road gigging, but not taking anymore then the house gig…supposed to be retired, but music seems keep the heart pumping…have beat buddy too but need to interface the iPad to select the certain beats for each song. Same idea as used for Bk and Korg arranger. I use SongbookPlus app. The beat buddy could be a good small option for the FR4x player, but the rhythms seem to be more jazz oriented, funk and sometimes too busy…so lots of work to set up your own rhythmic style.
cheers and keep on playing😄
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