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An old shanty song from the 1950s


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I discovered this song through YouTube some 2 years ago, and since then it has become an earworm.
Its in 3/4, very easy to play on the accordion.

The song is called Aan de kaai in t schipperskwartier, and was composed by Octave Grillaert around 1950.
Its like a shanty, a song about people coming together in a small pub to chat, drink and dance, after a days work or at weekends.

On YT you can find a clip with the 1950 recording by Jan Verbraeken :

My preferred version is the one sung by Louis Neefs in 1961. Here is an old television fragment with a clip of the song. After an quiet intro the song starts:

If youre into shantys or pub songs, you might like this old song from the 1950s.
The text is beautiful, but only available in Dutch. 

Voilà, I just wanted to dig up this old treasure Octave Grillaert gave us.


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Nov 7, 2017
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The Netherlands
good stuff

also nice that YT associates other artists and music of this kind

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And the sheet music is still available today at some sheet music shops.
As you can see from the first page, its beginners level.

The song is no more than 2 pages of sheet music, the first page showing here is the intro verse:

The second page is the chorus melody.

Perhaps I should add in English the title. It translates as something like:
At the quay in the harbor (where a small pub is located)

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