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Accorgan Colombo HELP TO FIND AMP


Dec 4, 2021
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Dunnville, KY
Good afternoon. I recently purchased a Accorgan Colombo Classic. It is in pretty good shape, and sounds great acoustically, but I would love to try the electronics on it. Can someone point me in the right direction for purchasing what is needed to do that? Including some pictures.



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Looks the same as a really early Iorio Accorgan.

I would guess if you can find all the components to use the electronics only half the notes will be working and fixing the rest will be prohibitively expensive, if you can get a hold of the components.
Might be worth taking a photograph under the front grille to see what's actually still there in terms of electronics and controls.
This is one of the very early units... it is going to be near impossible to find the components needed to make this work... and even if you could, you would find the sound very... legacy at best. To be fair, I think it would sound quite plain. I pulled out my old Iorio and plugged it in and was disappointed in how it sounded electronically compared even to the following generation Elkavox... and both made me reach for my 8X, even though both are strong acoustic accordions.

The eBay listing also states that the electric side is untested. I doubt the reason for it, as the chances that electronics of that age will actually work is slim to none. They started to get "issues" around the 10-15 year mark... much less when it is 60 years old.

I'd suggest you consider saving yourself some time and money and enjoy the accordion's acoustic side. :)